MCCS (Pty) Ltd (Mechanical Consulting and Contracting Services (Pty) Ltd) has been established during January 2002. We are situated in Delmas and conduct our business from 2 Copper Street .

MCCS is committed to black economic empowerment and has established a new business (Close Corporation) of which historically disadvantaged individuals hold the majority shares. The close corporation is currently still in the process to register new members and to have its name changed by the registrar of companies.

An agreement of co-operation between MCCS and the new business is based on the understanding that it will deliver the same services as and under the supervision of MCCS until it becomes independent.


It is MCCS’s core business to develop systems: new mechanical systems, fluid systems, operating and maintenance systems for existing mechanical installations with its related sub systems i.e. electrical control, pipe work and hydraulic control etc. We have completed many projects in the past and our clients are testimony to the successes achieved.


We would value your consideration to become one of our satisfied clients. MCCS can offer your organisation considerable advantages that would enhance your existing systems.

Some of the advantages that our organisation offers are as follows:

    • MCCS has extensive knowledge with regards to design, development, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning and can provide expertise with the upgrading and/or maintenance of existing plants. We also specialise in the repair and maintenance of existing pump stations and plants.
    • MCCS provides a multi disciplinary engineering service that includes mechanical, electrical and civil services on a turnkey basis.
    • MCCS provides a problem solving service with regards to existing installations whether the problem is mechanical, electrical or hydraulic and do not have to refer back to the client would we only provide one of the above mentioned disciplines.
    • Your organisation does not carry the additional cost of a professional / semi-professional during unproductive periods since MCCS will be remunerated per project.


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